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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Float Tube Forum Members Rock

My wife and I have for the last 11 years, been dealing with our 2 youngest kids and there medical needs.  It is a long story one which I have told a lot but now it has come to us needing to head out to Texas for some special research.  The cost of all the medical visits and medications has, cost me, last year 67% of my income.  So needless to say it has been hard for the last 11 years for us all.  Our kids are doing well we just need to continue to fight to try and find out what the issue truly is and hope that we can get a diagnosis.  If you would like to read more about this check out my other blog ( ) It explains what we have been dealing with as best as I could explain.

Well why does the my Float Tube Forum members rock they are putting on a Fundraiser Gathering to help me and my family get to Texas for this research.  Everyone is invited and details can be found on or e-mail me at

Here is what we got going on February 23rd. 5pm till midnight, $10 minimum pay in at the meeting spot.  fishing for spottied bass.  Catch and release so make sure you bring you scales and digital cameras.  The will be held at Mothers Beach Los Alamitos Bay, and like I said everyone is invited.  We will be tubing, but you can yak it or walk the shore, even swim if you like.  I am every proud of my Forum, these guys have helped me grow this site in to much more that a fishing board, and now they have out done themselves by talking this on.  With your help we will be able to make it to Texas to take part in this research and hopefully find some answers to help our kids in the long run.

Again for more info on the Fundraiser Gathering go to and to find out more about my kids medical issue or maybe make a small donation go to (  Finally for other question feel free to e-mail me at


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Free Lures From Tackle Haven

Clearance Banner

I had started a tackle shop on my forum, a way to raise money to run the forum, I did OK but I decided it was time to branch out to more than just the forum.  So I started The Tackle Haven just recently, if you would like please take a look at what we have to offer.  We hand pour all our lures to order and you can choose the colors, flavors and flake you want in you baits.  We pour a large variety of plastics to suit your needs.  Weather your looking for Saltwater lures or Freshwater lure we have what you are looking for.

 First I wanted to make sure everyone saw this offer as well, to the first person that can identify the 2 different fish on the web site you will win a free set of hand poured Curly Tail Grubs from Tackle Haven.  You most also e-mail me at the e-mail address found on the tackle shop.

Second to the first 2 people to purchase $15 or more in Tackle Haven tackle from the store they will receive a sample pack of our Blood Worms.  These worms are great for freshwater or saltwater Bass.  The store is open and there is already a lot of traffic so I am sure these offers wont last long.  Check us out to see what we can pour for you.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

ODC 420

The ODC 420 by Creek Company I have now had the pleasure using one and I will say I was very happy to finally use one.  This is the tube I have wanted since I first started tubing, and I was not disappointed.  I have now had a chance to ride in quite a few float tubes and this one comes second on my list as far as quality and us ability.
The ODC 420 is a great tube for the money, it rides very high in the water and is very comfortable to sit in for hours on end.  The pluses are as I stated above including the PVC coating under the tube witch is very a nice thing to add to a tube.
There are some down sides to this tube as I stated it is now second on my list as top quality float tubes.  The down sides are the valves are in the pockets, which is rough, because to get to the valves you need to move all the gear to the side or take it out of the pocket.  This is just a pain but not a really bad issue.  The other issue I see at least for me, is my legs rub on the inside of the tube so it seem to be slightly narrow for the inside diameter.
Over all the tube is very comfortable and tracks great in the water, you can spend along time on the water and take most everything you need for a simple day of fish.  And the cost is just right a great deal can be had as well if you wait for one of the many sales Creek Company has going on.  If you are in the market for a new float tube I do suggest you take a look at the ODC 420 it will be worth your time and would make a great tube for most anyone.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tubing the Salt VS Tubing the Fresh

I have now had the pleasure here is sunny Southern California of fish both Freshwater and Saltwater, so which one do I feel is better.  I though I know the answer until recently.  I was always found in the Freshwater Tubing and always though there is no way on Gods green earth you will find me hanging my toes in the waters were you find thoughts toothy man eaters.
I mean I saw Jaws, and that was enough to say Saltwater fishing is to be done from shore or a nice big boat. Well after years of fishing in Freshwater from my tube and just loving it, I was approached by some friends to do a fishing session in Newport Harbor.  So I took a chance and after that I could say I was hook on tubing the salt.  Freshwater tubing is just a great time fishing, and for the most part very safe, at least safer than fishing in the saltwater.  You are in a locked body of water for the most part with very light water movement, of course there is wind issues, but using your head and planning your trips makes it fairly safe.
Being new to Saltwater I had and still have a lot to learn.  In the Saltwater you are still very safe being protected because we stay in the Harbors and Bays.  It is like fishing a big lake, the important things to know here are there is current (the Tide) and you must know which way it is going in or out to plan your trip right.  Also a big difference is the boat traffic not only is there more but bigger boats as well, and let me tell you I have seen drinking be a problem in the Harbors, so always keep your eyes open for traffic and carry your whistle for your safety.
So what do I think about Saltwater VS Freshwater, I think it is up to you to decide head out to the Salt if you have not done so yet and get a line wet.  I know now that I was missing out on a lot of fun and good fishing all those years I was worried about sharks.  I am so glad my friends pressured me into trying it (who says peer pressure is bad just kidding) I am and will always be hooked now.  But don't get me wrong the freshwater is still a great place to tube.  I think if I could find a way to balance the 2 out it would be great but for now I am content to set up my next trip to the salt.  So I guess that means I choose Saltwater it is in my blood now.
I plan on talking more about this subject if you have any comments please leave a comment so I can see it.  As always stay floating my friends. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tackle Haven my new direction

So I have been deep in building and running my float tube forum, which has gone very well over the past 3 years.  So I decided it was time to step into a new area and one that I always wanted to be involved in.  Selling lures  This is The Float Tube Fishing Forum new Tackle Shop.  The Tackle Haven, it was opened by myself just about 3 days ago now and is coming together very well.
I am currently in the process of putting all baits in PayPal drop down menu's.  Take a look at what we have I am sure you will find what you are looking for and you can choose you own colors, flavors, and add flake if you like.  All orders are poured by hand and fresh.  Meaning they are poured after you order them so you know you are getting what you are asking for not what has been made before and looks close to what you want.
So if you could take a few minutes just to check out my new site "Tackel Haven" that would be great thanks for your time and thanks to those that have helped me grow my forum and other sites.