Thursday, November 20, 2014

Big Hammer Swimbaits check out what's new.

       The Ring Hammer once of the newest baits from Swimbait Company Big Hammer.  This new bait is similar to there original Big Hammer swimbaits but with some obvious changes.  The new bait compared to the old bait, as you can see there are now rings or ribs on the body of the bait conpaired to the old body on the original bait.  The rings come from there Ringer worm but instead of a curly tail they added the square tail to it to achieve the amazing swimming action that so many of us come to rely on.  I feel that the ringed body give this all ready amazing swimbait just a little more to help keep the fish latched on. 

        The rings tend to give it a little more give or texture making the lure seem more life like, which will keep the fish on for just a little long for your to set that hook.  I also feel that the rings provide small pockets to help trap what ever scent you add to your lures, which most of us use.  I also really like the size it come in, 4" in length. I always us the 3" swimbaits that Big Hammer makes, but have never been a fan of there bigger sizes they bodies seemed to be bulky.  I do know that they work and this is just my opinion.  But the new Ring Hammer at the 4" length is just the right size and shape of body I feel fooling those fish.  The last time I was out I tied on of these on and in true Big Hammer form it swam in the water just like a bait fish.  Even better it landed me 8 spotted bass in a 4 hour period, maybe to some that is not impressive, but for me in my float tube, I could not have been any happier.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fizard Check this out for yourself

OK so I came across this today and figured I would send it out to share with everyone.  What a unique idea a dough bait type material that does not fall apart in the water and acts as a fish attractant.  The cool things is that you can attach it to any hook in including your favorite lure and it will leave the sent trail behind and you reel in for a strike.  Once this bait hits the water it is activated beyond just scent, it fizzes.  When it is in the water the activation of the bait allows it to release bubbles that send out the scent trapped inside.  Go to to learn more.  (Video)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Possible Seminar on Fish Finders.

We are working on bring an online seminar to the Float Tube Fishing Forum on how to use Fish Finders specific from your float tubes, and Pontoon boats.  This is in the works for now but I am sure it will happen and I hope it will happen in December.  Please stay tuned for more details an contact me to be added to a list for e-mail reminders of this event as well as future details.

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Update: hit a small snag but that will not stop us we will find someone that is willing to do this.  It will happen one way or another you will see.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Caddis and the New Teardrop

The Teardrop by Caddis

There newest float tube is a upgrade from there Caddis Pro 2000.  This new product looks to be very similar to the Pro 2000 but there are some big differences between the both of them.  The top and pockets are made of heavy-duty rip stop material and heavy duty Tarpaulin bottom to reduce resistance in the water and protect against punctures and wear. All critical seams are double stitched. Foam seat and adjustable backrest sits you above the water for less drag and warmer days of fishing. Storage features include two large and two small pockets, front rod holder straps, two dry fly patches and cargo area behind seat. Custom Boston Valves and bladder-to-cover attachment points make filling and deflating your Premier Plus easy. Also includes florescent safety accents behind the seat, stabilizer bar and stripping apron and D-Rings for shoulder straps. The maximum weight capacity on this float tube is 325 lbs.  This is a weight increase of almost 100 lbs from the Pro 2000.

The seat or back rest appears to have been made a little taller which is a great improvement over the Pro 2000.  I would also like to point out that the two pontoons are now attached unlike the Pro 2000 create better stability in the water.  I had a Pro 2000 and I will say it is a good way to get in to a stadium seated type float tube.  There was a lot lacking in the Pro 2000 and it looks as if they have addressed some of these issue.  The tube sells for $200 which again is not a bad price for a decent entry level float tube of this quality.  I have not heard any reviews on this float tube as of yet.  If looks are any indication it should have some pretty good reviews.  

Monday, November 10, 2014

Smartbait "Color Changes Everything"

      The company named Smartbaits came o us at the Float Tube Fishing Forum and asked if we could advertise for them and help spread the word.  These baits come in a variety of different types, from soft plastics to hard plastics, all of which change color in the water.  The way this works is through temperature, as the temperature of the water changes so does the color of the bait.     Here are a picture demonstrating the color change the lures go through.

      On their website there is a lot of examples of the color change, as of course the best way to see how this works is to try the for your self.

      Smartbaits Inc.

808 Commerce Park Dr.,
Ogdensburg, NY, USA