Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chatterbaits in Newport Harbor

     So I got this wild idea OK maybe it is no big deal but for a one trick pony it is a big deal.  "I am going to fish a chatterbait in the saltwater and catch a spottied bass, or die trying".  So last week in one of our forum events that just happened to be in Newport Harbor.  I had spent the week reading up on Chatterbaits and asking question on the forum, and I started to build my confidence up.  So it was almost time to pack up and head out to Newport for some float tubing with the crew, of course I still needed the chatterbaits if I was going to try this for myself.  So with not much time left I headed down to the local Wal-Mart (the last stop in tackle when you are not near a real tackle shop) to pick up my arsenal.  Not much to choose from so I left with a white 3/8 oz. and a blue 3/8 oz. chatterbait from Z-man lures.
     I figured I would attack to each lure a trailer and what better trailer for saltwater bass fishing the a Big Hammer Ring Hammer.  Armed with some knowledge and a few chatterbaits I hit the harbor with a determination to at least get a strike or two with my new found baits.  This was a big learning curve but I stuck with it for as long as I could bare it.  I guess it was good the bite was tough, because after casting for an 3 hours with no bites I was ready to through in the towel.  But I pushed on and just before I got out of the water it happened.  A grump of a spot bounded my chatterbait as if it was pissed off at all the vibration my bait was throwing off in the water.  This was a pure react strike, full on aggression to seek and destroy but chatterbait.  That last and only fish on the day left me with a desire to continue to throw a these baits and continue to expand my arsenal on the water.  I have been continuing my reading and studying of these baits and have recently came across some pro's that have said take off the skirt and show off the trailer in all its glory.  I have now been removing the skirts and will be sure to report back on how this has work for me in the salt for the always fun to catch Spotted Bay Bass.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Float Tube Fishing Forum Quarterly Magazine Issue #3

     Here is our 3rd and final magazine issue of 2014.  This was the first year for our new venture Float Tube Fishing Forum Quarterly Magazine and I will say it went very well.  There are things to work on as well as improve.  And with the start of 2015 we will be doing just those things as working hard to make this magazine a very informative and sought after publication.  Being the only Float Tube Fishing Magazine out there I feel we have done very well.  Thinks will only get better from this point forward and with hard work we will become a force in the world of fishing.  Please check it out for yourselves and see what we are up to.  Thanks for all the support from us at the Float Tube Fishing Forum.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Float Tube Fanatics has made some major growth

     A good friend of mine up in Canada has been making a selling Float Tube Fish Finder Mounts for a few years now.  He has been making a very cool product that allows Float Tubers and Pontooners to choose any fish finder we would like to take with us on our personal boats.  His whole design is simple and compact but extremely well made.  Well now he has taken his fish finder mount system to the next step.  Now you can take your fish finder and mount system with you on your kayak, Canoe or aluminum boat.  If you have not seen Float Tube Fanatics and there fish finder mount product, you need to check them out.

Check out this great video

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

50% off Daiwa Reels and more

Fisherman's Access, Daiwa Day's Holiday Sales with savings up to 50% off.  Make sure you are there also for there second annual Tackle Auction, this sounds like it will be great.  December 7th times 8 am to 4 pm, all happening in Brea.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Big Hammer Swimbaits check out what's new.

       The Ring Hammer once of the newest baits from Swimbait Company Big Hammer.  This new bait is similar to there original Big Hammer swimbaits but with some obvious changes.  The new bait compared to the old bait, as you can see there are now rings or ribs on the body of the bait conpaired to the old body on the original bait.  The rings come from there Ringer worm but instead of a curly tail they added the square tail to it to achieve the amazing swimming action that so many of us come to rely on.  I feel that the ringed body give this all ready amazing swimbait just a little more to help keep the fish latched on. 

        The rings tend to give it a little more give or texture making the lure seem more life like, which will keep the fish on for just a little long for your to set that hook.  I also feel that the rings provide small pockets to help trap what ever scent you add to your lures, which most of us use.  I also really like the size it come in, 4" in length. I always us the 3" swimbaits that Big Hammer makes, but have never been a fan of there bigger sizes they bodies seemed to be bulky.  I do know that they work and this is just my opinion.  But the new Ring Hammer at the 4" length is just the right size and shape of body I feel fooling those fish.  The last time I was out I tied on of these on and in true Big Hammer form it swam in the water just like a bait fish.  Even better it landed me 8 spotted bass in a 4 hour period, maybe to some that is not impressive, but for me in my float tube, I could not have been any happier.